Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Thoughts

1. If I squint really hard, I can see those little black pellets in the Astro turf.
2. The uniform pants of the Steelers and the Packers are almost the same color, but the Steelers's pants are shinier. Is that a marketing ploy to attract more attention to certain body parts?
3. If you are a pro football player, the best place to get a tattoo is on your bicep. It gets way more airtime than any other part of your skin.
4. Volkswagon commercials are the best. Go Daddy commercials are the worst.
5. It must be claustrophobic enough in those football helmets without adding a really big beard.
6. Professional tap dancers would make great running backs. And vice versa.
7. Doritos do not taste or smell as good as the commercials would have you think. For instance, I would not want to sniff the cheese powder off any surface, much less someone else's pants.
8. Slow motion makes me think even I could have caught that ball. No! It's not by your helmet anymore, why are you grabbing there?
9. I wonder what percentage of the NFL audience actually knows how to read Roman Numerals.
10. The baby thing is done, Etrade. Let it die.

What did you think during Super Bowl XLV?


  1. I think Super Bowl was not quite as violent as past Bowls. Only lost a couple of players. Not enough concussions. Probably a big disappointment to most spectators.

  2. It did seem like a cleaner game. Like going to a NASCAR race with minimal crashes, I'm sure quite a few fans were disappointed. Although the slope of the shoulder on one broken collarbone was enough for me. Eek. Shoulders should not look that way.

  3. So hilarious! I saw very little of it, but I loved the Darth Vader/Volkswagon commercial.

    - Liz

  4. That was my favorite, too! Especially the Big Baby part. I love Big Baby.