Saturday, September 25, 2010

Compelling characters 1-50

I really liked Elana's Great Blogging Experiment yesterday of what makes a compelling character. It will take me a while to sift through all 195 blog entries, but the first fifty were a joy to read. Just thought I'd share what I gleaned from them here.

  • Elana Johnson: exaggerate their humanness

  • The Alliterative Allomorph show don’t tell what you think of your characters

  • Laura Pauling make them flawed and proactive

  • DL @ Cruising Altitude give them a sympathetic motive and unusual trait

  • Lola Sharp interrogate your characters like they are real people

  • Christine Fonseca give them layers and diversity

  • Alex J Cavanaugh put them somewhere between perfection and a total loser

  • Matthew Rush page missing

  • Mara Nash make characters with flaws and doubts like ours succeed despite their weakness

  • Bish Denham interview them, play what if, people watch, and typecast their personalities

  • Northwriter create a backstory, question motives and emotions in every scene

  • Jen @ Unedited make them relatable with personalities and cool names (and boys should be hot)

  • The Golden Eagle conflict, desire, layers, originality, and purpose

  • Michelle McLean beef up what appears while writing, and be consistent

  • Meredith @ Fairy Tales and Cappuccino empathy, voice, actions, quirks, and growth

  • Literary Coldcuts on Toasty Buns give them flaws created by their environment and history

  • serena @ I see you see follow this list: mistakes, realisation, forgiveness, redemption

  • words and whimsy good characters are genuine, have personality, and try

  • Cheyanne Young give them unique dialogue, quirks, and avoid cliches

  • Summer Ross give them authentic voice and reactions

  • Eric Stallsworth write them honestly, give them something to do, and then change them

  • Diamond, Yup Like the Stone get them interacting with other characters and use all five senses

  • Mary @ Giggles and Gunspage not found

  • The Homeless Writerjerks make compelling characters

  • Writing Compelling Characters lessons learned from acting 101

  • laugh. write. play. authentic voice and actions

  • So Im Fifty weave them well: warp, texture, color, pattern, tension

  • That Rebel, Olivia J. HerrellA sample of a compelling character

  • Danyelle Leafty give them strength, flaws, quirks, and make them work for their happy ending

  • Book Dreaming characters are attitude, emotion, goals, dialogue and action

  • J. Leigh Bailey movie comparison: flawed, sympathetic, distinctive, and more

  • Margo Kelly advice about my character from an agent

  • seeing, dreaming . . . writing complex motives and layers that would exist even outside the story

  • Zoe @ No Letters On My Keyboard be an ass to your character

  • Sandra Ulbrich Almazan dramatic backstory, complex personality, and leadership

  • Talli Roland they only come to me when I write

  • ali cross make it larger than life

  • C. E. @ TheJourney a funny joke

  • A little bit of . . .  give them a weakness, uniqueness, and a goal

  • Writer's Manna make them human, with a goal, a problem, and something to learn

  • Peggy Urry - Writer not a post?

  • Random-ish they must feel real, but we don’t always discover them until the story’s written

  • Robin of My Two Blessings I forgot about the experiment

  • Jamie Harrington the secret desire of the girl behind the burrito counter

  • Melissa @ Through The Looking Glass complicated, relevant quirks, and real emotions

  • Katrina Lantz example from Paranormalcy

  • Shannon Whitney Messenger on vacation, no post?

  • The Misadventures In Candyland stupid names, sucky lives, broken hearts, and words that don’t end in -ly

  • Nicole @ Where Fantasy and Love Take Flight: drive, drive, quirks, backstory, and more

  • Daron D. Fraley no relevant post?


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