Thursday, June 10, 2010

You might be married to a writer if...

Thank you, Heather, for this hilarious idea. Here are some brilliant observations of hers:

You might be married to a writer IF....
  • You don't think twice when your spouse starts analyzing plotlines or character motivation in books, TV shows, or movies (even if it really, really annoys you). 
  • You have to remind your spouse to do things like bathe, eat, pick up their clothes, do their laundry, or wash their dishes, even though your spouse is obviously an adult. 
  • You've ever had a Very Serious and Important conversation with your spouse about people who don't actually exist.
I agree with Kristen on this one:
  • You're jealous of your spouse's laptop. It sleeps in the bed between you two and gets all the loving caresses, hearty laughs, and adoring stares that should go to you.

And how about these:

  • You hear more about their online writing buddies than their real-life friends.
  • You lose their attention in the middle of all sorts of activities; driving the car, eating a romantic dinner, working in the yard, browsing through the electronics section of Target. You don't need to ask what they're thinking about, because it's always their current project.
  • The way to your spouse's heart is through their book. The best gift you can give is time alone to work on said book, and the nicest compliment is saying you'd pay good money to own a copy, or that you referred their writing to a friend
  • They confess their love to you, but accidentally call you the name of their protagonist's love interest
How else would you know if you're married to a writer?

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